Shopping is cheaper than therapy for stressed woman!

“I have nothing to wear and i have to buy new clothes”, the most common issue you go through if you are a woman. Well, why is that so?

Women love to shop more than men, it is the oldest stereotype but the most accurate too. Yet it is true that mostly guys will wonder about the allure that shopping holds for women. Here it is from the horse’s mouth…

You see in every shopping mall wife coming out of the shop while husband is waiting outside, right?

Why is it that women love to try on every pair of shoes before deciding whether to buy anything at all, and men want to get out of the mall seconds after they get in?

I hope you understand the feeling when you see someone your favorite and that specific feelings of butterflies in your stomach with a cute smile, yes… women feel the same while seeing their favorite stores.

Men, on the other hand, don’t seem generally all that excited by the activity. There are, of course, some men who enjoy browsing the racks as much as women (if not more) but many just appear to tolerate it, while some outright can’t stand the thought of shopping.

It’s all in the genes, according to Daniel Kruger , an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Michigan, Kruger argues that it’s natural for women to love to shop and men to hate it because of our evolutionary past.

Scientists also have spent a lot of time trying to figure out the seemingly irrational love women have for shopping. And if their research is anything to go by, then it is all in our genes. It is a basic instinct, one that we have inherited from our ancestors.

The instinct dates to back to a time when the male was primarily, ‘the hunter’ and the female, ‘the gatherer’. Men looked for a prey, hunted it, and brought it back. Women gather fruits and vegetables. They foraged for the ones that were ripe and sweet, selected the best of the lot and brought it back home.

There’s another scientific data to back it up. Back in 2013, researchers conducted a survey on 2,000 British people and discovered that men get bored with shopping after just 26 minutes. This is exacerbated if they’re feeling hungry or if they’re shopping with a female partner who can’t make her mind up. (We can’t imagine why.)

Women, meanwhile, are generally pretty happy shopping for around two hours before they start to get bored or stressed out. We tend to only get fed up when we can’t find what we’re looking for, when shops become too crowded, or when our other half starts moaning about being bored.

If you send a man shopping, the chances that he will walk into the store and walk out with exactly what he needs are very high. At the same time, send a woman in and she will look, rummage, and forage for the best possible option, buy a couple of other things in the process, and come out at least ten times happier with herself.

Mr  Kruger told an interesting thing that “We had been visiting quaint little villages in the middle of winter, when there weren’t many tourists, and when we reached the tourist mecca of Prague, the guys wanted to go and see all the historical sites and the girls wanted to go shopping.”

There ensued a “heated discussion,” he recalled, after which the guys checked out the cultural attractions and the girls went shopping.

Well, shopping is considered as anti stress therapy sometimes.Some self-confessed shopping addicts had a lot to say, from how it helped them de-stress to how it was difficult to resist a shiny, pretty, little thing.

Others emphasized on how it made them happy. And there were still some (a minority) who talked about how despite the fact that they did not love shopping, it was a necessity. The reasons I give in this article are accumulation of what all of us think.

Sometimes women do not actually need to shop but it is enjoyable for them to roam in malls and they call it fun and relaxing too. Well, you do not have much finance for buying anything? For women, no problem, window shopping is also an interesting activity specially in a company of your buddie.

When they are asked “why they love shopping”, answer is simple;

“It makes us happy.”

Retail therapy is not a textbook theory. It is actually true. When you are depressed or feeling a little down and out, buying something new can work wonders for your soul.

Shopping turns their bad moods into happy ones and if they are hurt they kick the world off , hold their bags and have drive to mall and it is observed that literally they forget every stress.

One woman said “For me shopping is like religion. People go to churches and temples to find inner peace and calm, and I go to malls to find the same. The moment I see something that is blingy and bright, I need to have it. When my card is swiped and I finally have the beautiful coral top that I had been coveting a month, I feel instantly happy.”

Another shopping lover gave her views A woman shops and then shops for more, because she can never have enough pairs of shoes or clothes or whatever it takes to make her look and feel good about herself.”

Actually shopping is much more for woman, it’s not just SHOPPING that goes on. There’s chatting, gossip, brunches, hugs, cribbing, and all other fun things that give us our very own SATC experience! Which girl wouldn’t want that!”

Reminder for guys! If your girl tells you that she is going out shopping with her friends, then remember that it probably includes lunch, gossip, coffee, and more. We thrive in the company of other girls.

Well, that time also comes when they shop only because they need to and yes those women also exist who do not like to shop.

Sorry to burst that little bubble. Yes, we all have our moments of insanity, but not all of us dream of having designer clothes, shoes, and bags. The generalization comes from the same book that said men love their gadgets. We are actually capable of walking into a store, buying things off a list, and coming back home without spending an extra minute on anything else. And no, I’m not talking fantasy fiction here.

Shopping is a lot of thing to lot of people.There are days when shopping expeditions can leave you feeling dejected, ugly, and depressed.No dress fits you right and no color flatters you. Those are the days when you want to curl up into a cocoon and stay there never to come out.

Actually it is the thrill and experience to search something new and on some days it is only to cheer you up. For a woman there are certain things and wayouts to make herself feel cheer up and relaxed so “keep calm and let her shop” as some women believe they are not shopaholic but just helping economy!

Isla Fisherin Confessions of a Shopaholic.