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Shiv Sena becomes hurdle for Fawad and Mahira Khan due to “Humsafar” Drama

Shiv Sena, India’s far-right political party has been trying to get media attention by his anti-Pakistan statements but this time radical group have been trying the tactics by becoming obstacle in the route of Pakistan film industries actor and actress of Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan.

The activist of Shiv Sena started from protests to throwing ink on the supporters of Pakistan, Shiv Sena have declare their objective to both veteran actors of Pakistan while the exception case Aleem Darbeing made only for Malala Yousufzai. While for few days Shiv Sena has already threatening  the umpire Aleem Dar. While Waseem Akram and Sohaib Akthar have left the grounds of India by this absurd behavior.

According to the recent statements, one of the representative of Shiv Sena said that “Malala is different, she is not a terrorist, she has been fighting terrorism”.

However when the party activist were remained that are Fawad or Mahira Khan terrorist as well? The answer went out like they are not either terrorist but the barrier have been kept because of their drama “Humsafar”. Thank to Allah that Pakistani pigeons are free for the terrorist list.

“I mean it’s a story about a man who sits by as his wife is thrown out, has his child, and returns to him for help with her health bills, only to find out that he’s a misogynist jerk who could care less. The woman then forgives him in the end and we all find out that it’s his mother who is evil – it is literally the worst drama we have ever seen!” he added.

Further more representative said that, “We are suffering from so many problems courtesy patriarchy that we honestly don’t need any more from Pakistani actors”

Mahir Khan was in India for his upcoming film called ‘Raees’ with the so called King of the Romance, Shah rukh Khan whereas Fawad Khan was busy in the many project in India with big names of Bollywood.

On the other hand Saif Ali Khan also burst out on Shiv Sena activists he appealed to Shiv Sena, “to rein it in or else Pakistan will ban more of our movies. For the love of Bollywood, stop before it’s too late!”