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Sheikh Rasheed has to pay his debt

Outside the Parliament, Sheikh Rasheed was caught by a person named Malik Noor Awan. Malik claims that “Sheikh Rasheed has to pay Rs.22 Lac to me”.

He said that Sheikh Rasheed purchased a car from him and the payment is still pending.

He said that he would complain it to the speaker and as he is a poor person and Sheikh Rasheed has to pay his debt.

Man accuses Sheikh Rasheed of owing him Rs2.2 million

Posted by Express Tribune Video on Thursday, June 8, 2017

Malik Noor Awan is the President of PML-N in Japan and entered in the Parliament House by the entry pass given by Chamber of Deputy Speaker.

Malik Noor Awan is the same guy who was also with Nehal Hashmi in the supreme court yesterday.

Sheikh Rasheed said PML-N is just doing this to defame me. Sheikh Rasheed filed a case at the Secretariat Police Station against Malik Noor Awan.

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