Shehbaz Sharif responds to Ali Zafar’s query regarding health and education

On Tuesday, Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif replied to a query inquired by singer Ali Zafar on Twitter.

The famous singer and actor asked the CM on Twitter about the legitimacy of some illustrations which were shared casually on social media stating the inappropriate priorities of Punjab government.

Ali Zafar shared the image on Twitter while tagging Shehbaz Sharif in which he showed that Rs 162 million are being spent on the Orange Line Metro Train project, despite the fact that the total budget of education in the province was Rs 59 billion and that of health just Rs 54 billion.

Ali inquired the precision of the statistics exhibited in the representation, to which Shehbaz Sharif replied, saying that the entire budget of education in Punjab was Rs 310 billion, not 59 billion, and that of health was Rs 166 billion, not 54 billion as shown in the graphic.