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SHC hears bail pleas of Dr. Asim

KARACHI: The counsels of Dr. Asim Hussain, Rauf Siddiqui, Anees Qaimkhani and Usman Muazzim contended before a seat of the Sindh High Court over safeguard petitions of their customers in fear mongering assistance case on Friday.

A division seat of high court contained Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar and Justice Abdul Malik Gaddi heard the case.

The attorneys of Dr Asim and other charged fought that their customers have been reserved in cases on theoretical grounds. Their customers didn’t encourage therapeutic treatment of the psychological oppressors and crooks.

The attorneys additionally whined that their customers being subjected to political exploitation.

The seat issued notification to the unique open prosecutor and others to present their answers.

The court dismissed the hearing on safeguard petitions till November first.

The charged have documented safeguard petitions in SHC against July 19 request of an Anti Terrorism Court.

Prior, different seats of the high court judges had declined to hear the safeguard request of Dr Asim and other denounced for the situation relating to giving medicinal treatment to the psychological oppressors and alluded the petitions to the central equity of Sindh High Court for another seat for the hearing.