Sharjeel Memon Transforms into an Ambulance Driver During the Night Time

Former Information Minister Escapes the Jail

According to sources, Sharjeel Memon, the former information minister, who was indicted along with 11 others in a corruption case of Rs.5.76 billion pertaining to the award of advertisements at ‘enormous rates’ through the abuse of power, can be seen in the following picture escaping from the Dr. Ziauddin Hospital as an ambulance driver:

According to the charges leveled against Memon and his accomplices, the investigation showed that the advertising agencies paid lower prices to TV channels and claimed far higher amounts, even though they were entitled to just 15 percent agency commissions against the total bill.


Pertinent to note here that Memon and a few others are in jail “apparently” in a Rs. 5.76 billion defilement case.

The reference documented by NAB revealed that Evernew Concepts (Pvt) Ltd was paid Rs. 4,154,585,676, Orient Communication Rs. 320,062,994, Adarts Karachi Rs.317,338,970, Connect Marketing Rs. 310,474,132, Value Added Marketing Rs. 205,827,587, Xnine Communications Rs. 374,546,739 and Insync Advertisement was paid Rs83, 643,668.

Memon, who served as Sindh’s Information Minister till 2015, came back to Pakistan in March this year (2018) in the wake of General Elections (2018), following his almost two-year-long deliberate outcast. Memon was arrested on his entry by NAB officials yet later acquired bail but was arrested again in April 2018 on the same corruption reference.

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During court proceedings, Memon’s attorney, Advocate Khalid Javed, asked for the Sindh High Court (SHC) to concede bail to his client, former Information Minister-Sharjeel Memon, on medical grounds; to which the court asked whether there was any point of reference that a denounced was allowed bail for the alleged health reasons. But who cares for the concerns of the judiciary as evident from the following picture.

According to the sources, Memon spends his daytime in the Dr.Ziauddin Hospital and escapes by dodging the authorities, or with their alleged help, to spend nighttime as a freeman at his home with family and friends.

According to sources, he is also allegedly involved in the electoral campaign and lobbying for PPP. Superior judiciary of Pakistan is not aware of the ongoing breach of law by Memon and those who are involved in facilitating him.