Shallow UN Resolutions and Human Crisis in Palestine

By Maryam Iraj

The United Nations (UN) holds a “sacred trust” which bounds itself to establish Palestinian statehood and independence. However, despite the recurrent  failures to enforce decisions against Israel’s occupation have shaken the credibility of international law and the universal human rights which UN stands for.

Pakistan Ambassador to America, Aizaz Choudhary , said the global community should fulfill the responsibilities of the Palestinian issue. The Palestinians are ignoring the problem in the United Nations. Speaking at a press conference in Washington, Pakistan Ambassador, Aizaz Chaudhary, said the UN resolutions on the issue of Palestinians are being ignored. We, as humans, must fulfill the duties. US should play its role in eliminating Israeli occupation. According to Chaudhary, Pakistan holds serious reservations on the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem. It is important that we realize, such rash political steps will lead to human crisis. In fact, it already did.

UN’s resolutions alone won’t solve the problem, unless implemented.

In the contemporary world of ours, the affected parties of the Arab-Israeli conflict are not only Palestine and Israel, or Israel and the Muslim world. The international community (Muslim or non-Muslim) is gravely threatened by such egregious and blatant violations of the post-Second World War international legal order by Israel’s fifty-year occupation of the Palestinian territories.  It puts a huge question mark on the relevance and validity of the international laws. Israel’s policies and practices in the occupied Palestinian territories contravene the Charter of the United Nations, in addition to other principles of international law, governing military occupation, non-annexation of territory, and self-determination.

Just like Palestine, Kashmir is another issue which needs international attention. The process of implementation of UN resolutions on Kashmir and Palestine should be discussed in the UN Security Council but to this date, due to the bullying of America, not a single resolution could be realized.

The process of implementation of the Security Councils must also be reviewed as despite being legally legitimate, it is a compromise on moral responsibilities due to the delaying tactics. UN should be more democratic, representative, transparent and effective. It further needs to be emphasized that in order to fulfill the objectives of the peace in the world, the United Nations should reflect on a composite view of humanity.

Following video will explain by what I mean by bullying of the few powerful country.

Peace of the world cannot be restored by taking sides with few powerful first-world countries and allow them to bully the weaker ones.