Shaista Lodhi Reveals the Dark Side of GEO to Mubasher Lucman

By Anahita Zurvan

Shaista Lodhi cried her heart out to a senior anchorperson, Mubasher Lucman, to explain how she was manipulated by GEO Television Network. She explained that it’s a matter of great shame for her kids, parents and other family members the way her scandals aired on TV. Being a single mother, she was doing everything to support her kids in a dignified way, as told by Ms Lodhi.

But how one can forget the way her intimate pictures were released on social media with GEO’s top gun, Mir Shakeel ur Rahman. She confessed to Mr Lucman that in most of the programs, she was handed over the script to read, and the email exchange between her and Mir Shakeel ur Rahman was genuine. She further revealed that she was threatened to get sacked if she tried digress from the script.

Here is the interview video:

Shaista Lodhi was also rumored to be married to Mir Shakel ur Rahman, but she denied these media claims to Mr. Lucman. Ms Lodhi’s first marriage lasted 13 years with three kids. Her second marriage is to her cousin with whom she has a son. Ms Lodhi, by qualification, is a medical doctor. She provoked anger among the masses when the Manqabat was read by Amjad Sabbri in a program.

Here is one of the many alleged picture of Ms Lodhi with Mir shakeel ur Rahman circulating on social media for which she was grilled both by public and media:

Dr Shaista Lodhi Family, Career, Scandal And Divorce

She was also heavily criticized by public and media for playing Manqbat in a fake marriage of Veena  Malik with Asad Bashir Khatak. Important to note here that Veena Malik and her husband were tried in the anti-terrorist court and was sentenced to 26 years in jail under blasphemy charges.

Here is Veena Malik defending her blasphemy case to BBC.