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Shaheen Sehbai resigns from Geo group says ‘Enough is Enough’

Breaking : Group editor of Geo news and senior journalist Shaheen Sehbai has regisned from the Geo group as per reported by his Twitter account via tweet.

Geo’s image getting down after people reaction on social media on twitter. Here is the tweet of Shaheen Sehbai, he said he ‘will give reasons soon’.

Here is the copy of resignation letter of Shaheen Sehbai to Mir Shakeel ur Rahman.

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According to sources, he resigned from the post giving the reason: The paper is heavily tilted towards one political party’.

He wrote in the resignation, “With a heavy heart but a clear conscience, I have to send this letter to immediate approval. I am resigning as of today as the Group Editor of The News, which I have served with full dedication, commitment and honesty since mid 2007.”

He added, “I will not go in to the details of the reason of my resignation but I feel that I can no longer sustain the moral and ethical pressure as Group Editor, justifying decisions which were not taken by me but which have caused immense damage to the credibility and financial stability of the newspaper.”

He then mentioned that he will explain the reasons later if need. He mentioned that he find the policies of newspaper lop-sided, heavily tilted politically and engaged in a dangerous conflict with state institution.

“I may also add in formulating and implementing these self-defeating policies the views and suggestions of professional editors, at all levels, including myself, have been consistently ignored,” stated Sehbai.

He added, “As Editor-in-chief it is your right to run the newspaper as you like, but for professional journalists there is always a limit to which they can go along. I know many editors feel the same way but I have decided to call it a day, today.”

At the end he wrote, “Please accept my resignation, remove my name from the newspaper masthead and direct the HR and Accounts department to complete whatever formalities may be required.”

The resignation has stormed the social media and the trend ‘#ShaheenSehbaiKicksGeo’ remain on top.

Sehbai then thanked his followers, “MY HEARTFELT THANKS: I thank and express my gratitude to 1000s of followers and friends for making my resign as top trend and supporting me.”

Shaheen Sehbai talked about the anti army feelings of the group in a program on ARY News.



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