Shahbaz Sharif Allegedly Greased Reham’s Palm for Casting Aspersions on Imran Khan, Claims Dr. Salman

By Maryam Iraj

In an exclusive conversation with, Dr. Salman Ahmad, an old friend of Imran Khan and a staunch PTI supporter since day one, revealed the appalling details of the much-hyped upcoming book of Reham Khan—the ex-wife of Imran Khan. Dr. Salman Ahmad is somebody whose intellectual and creative merit is acknowledged internationally. In addition to the fact that he is cherished as a national icon, he is also an extremely well-respected celebrity of Pakistan at the global scale both in academia and media.

Dr. Salman Ahmad told that the story of Reham Khan’s upcoming book sums up as, Nawaz Sharif is innocent and being victimized by army and judiciary, Shahbaz Sharif is the next Prime Minister and Mariam Nawaz is the future Prime Minister of Pakistan. Reham Khan claims boil down to present Imran Khan as part of a Jewish lobby, devoid of his faith in Islam, and as someone who is a total bigot. This is the gist of her book of which there is no publisher so far“.

Dr. Salman Ahmad who remained deeply involved in the eradication of polio with United Nations as a Goodwill Ambassador, revealed in the following tweet, that he was offered help by Reham Khan in a bet to come close to PTI Chairman, Imran Khan. It was nothing but an effort to make inroads to the top management of PTI.

“@RehamKhan1 volunteered to help my polio advocacy. But Her hidden reason was getting closer to the power seat @ImranKhanPTI #failedGoldigger”

Pertinent to note here that Dr. Salman Ahmad was selected for the noble cause of polio eradication by Dr. Larry Brilliant & Jeff Skoll of Skoll Global. Dr. Larry is the one who helped to eradicate small pox from the world. As of now, Dr. Salman Ahmad works with Chairman, Aziz Memon of Rotary Polio Plus, in Pakistan.

In the following email, she further tried to beguile Dr. Salman Ahmad to provoke him against Imran Khan, PTI Chief :

Email : from Reham Khan to Salman Ahmad

Salman, You know now why I left.
We had no personal issues but he chose his way & I could not compromise my ideals. I could not support him anymore. Reham Khan <> wrote:

You surely should know what his real marriage is to!
This is the reason he is not succeeding.                   

Dr. Salman Ahmad further told that the day Aamir Liaqat Husain joined PTI, both PML-N leaders and Reham Khan tried to exploit this “opportunity” by offering him 10 crores to play Juda with PTI Cheif, as Dr. Salman Ahmad was against the induction of Aamir Liaqat Hussain in the party. But his support for PTI, Imran Khan, and his philanthropic endeavors; Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital and Numal College, remained immutable.

Dr. Salman Ahmad told, “They offered me 10 crores when I protested the induction of Amir Liaqat Husain in PTI to sell out Imran Khan. On the same day, I received Reham Khan’s email & tweet, I was offered 10 crores by PML-N to go against Imran and PTI before the elections”.

What a loss it would have been for Imran Khan, had Dr. Salman Ahmad seceded from him. But that only remained the inane hankering of PML-N and the sorts of Reham Khan. True friends, genuine writers and daring intellectuals do not sell their souls for few hundred thousands. They are invaluable and matchless for any fortune of this world.

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