Sexual Terrorism

By Hussain Khalid Mirza

Brutality increases in our society like moon covered with black cloud, once again a very prestigious profession is humiliated in Deepalpur at the hand of a monster.

Hafiz Yousaf works in WAPDA and runs a private school in his Mahrok Kalan. The name of his academy is ” Al- Hafiz Islamic Academy “. According to the report ASP Nosherwan Chandio unveiled the monster who is accused of involvement in recording pornographic videos of young students ( both male and female ).

Chandio revealed that the person who was defaming our country’s name used to abuse young boys and girls sexually and blackmail them after making vulgar videos.

He has been caught now and his computer is seized by the Police, and a case is registered against him under the act of Anti- Terrorism.

This act is more than terrorism. It is like killing the innocence of children and snatching their childhood. People who are involved in these criminal activities should be unmasked. Each one of us must be having a family and a circle of friends, it would be a service to them to arrest and hang these guys.

The punishment of this sin can’t be less than a public execution for the fear to set in the heart of potential criminals.