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Sex is painful for nearly one in 10 women, says study 


London: Nearly one in 10, and the women having age 16 to 74 are likely to be affected with sex pain, a study has revealed. 

The study has been done on more than 7,000 sexually active women and published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

The researchers say that the problem could be eliminated if the troubled woman seeks advice and gets proper treatment.

It is pertinent to mention here that many people find the research embarrassing as the results were indicated.

The doctors have mentioned that sexual pain could lead you towards a number of diseases such as vaginal dryness, feeling anxious during sex, and lack of enjoyment while a lot of different physical and emotional factors caused the pain which can be complex to treat.

One of the women who underwent the research said: “I felt that my sex drive dipped quite considerably, arousal seemed to take longer, and, despite an understanding husband, I started to dread him making approaches. “It’s like any muscle group I guess, the less you use it the worse it gets.”

She went on to inform that: “It became like a vicious cycle. You worry and get tense and that only makes it worse.”

During this process, she developed another complication called veganism’s whixh involves tightening of the mussels.

“It wasn’t just in bed. It happened when I needed smear tests too. I would be crawling up the bed away from the nurse because it hurt so much.”

“In younger women, it might be that they are starting out in their sexual lives and they are going along with things that their partner wants but they are not particularly aroused by. “Or they might be feeling tense because they are new to sex and they are not feeling 100 per cent comfortable with their partner”, another research revealed.