Sex attacks by migrants start an uproar in Germany

The German politician talked through his heart while sitting in his white walled room on an anonymous blocks that his country that has changed forever. Angela Markel days are numbered and the European Union is finished.

Seigbert Droese, 46 years old adds while pointing his finger at his temple that Frau Merkel is not right in the head.

The numbers are mind-boggling and could reach ten million, she tells people from all over the world that they can come here to the paradise and migrants come to join them.

The penny is dropping among ordinary Germans. In Germany do AfD’s demands for border controls and fewer migrants chime more easily with the mood than in the former Communist bloc in the east of the country?

But some likened the damage to migrant-owned shops to the Kristallnacht attacks against Jews across Nazi Germany in November 1938, one of the most emotive subjects in this country’s calendar.

Given the febrile mood over migrants that now pervades all of Germany, there will almost certainly be more reprisals from the Far Right in the future.

A substantial group of Arabic-speaking men among 1,000 male migrants there deliberately targeted and assaulted hundreds of women. A staggering 652 complaints were received by the police.

This week, Peter Dreier, the governor of the Bavarian town of Landshut, sent a bus full of 31 migrants to Angela Merkel’s office in Berlin with the message that they can’t manage.

Merkel had a lot of heart but no plan when she opened the borders to migrants in August, saying all Syrians were welcome, Gerhard Schroeder, Merkel’s predecessor as Chancellor, said this week.

Moreover, Afghan asylum seekers are accused of attacking a large number of white women, a 23 year old Somali is under investigation for sexually abusing a ten year old white girl near a migrant reception centre.

The former four stars Maritim Hotel with indoor swimming pool, sauna and fitness room, was closed to guests last year after being turned into a giant migrant camp.

Protests in Germany
Protests in Germany
Migrants sent on a seven-hour bus journey to Angela Merkel's office by a Bavarian governor in protest over the influx of refugees arrive outside the Chancellor's building Photo Courtesy: DailyMail
Migrants sent on a seven-hour bus journey to Angela Merkel’s office by a Bavarian governor in protest over the influx of refugees arrive outside the Chancellor’s building
Photo Courtesy: DailyMail

A leisure centre has banned all migrants after a schoolgirl was sexually assaulted in its public swimming pool by three Syrian teenagers.

New Right in Germany is gaining particular popularity in the former Communist east, where xenophobia is high among older people who were not able to travel abroad or meet foreigners.

Its most pressing complaint is that traditional Teutonic values and culture are being swept away by the huge tide of mainly Muslim migrants, 80 per cent of them male and devoted to Islam.

Meetings are being held throughout Europe. In Austria, Far-Right parties are trading on the fear engendered by migrants and calling for an immediate halt to asylum applications.

German women were offered free pepper defense sprays to ward off sexual attackers in a propaganda move by another Right-wing group, the anti Islam Identitarian movement, which was formed in France and now has footholds all over Europe.

It has shown that the state has failed to protect our borders. In the past year, more than a million illegal immigrants have entered our country and the state now cannot or will not protect women and girls.

A German manufacturer of the spray, sales is the highest since the company was founded a quarter of a century ago, according to KH Security.

The same pattern has emerged in Cologne, where, for example, there has been a dramatic rise in applications for air gun licenses since the New Year’s Eve sex attacks.


Militia groups linked to the Far-Right, calling themselves Soldiers of Odin, patrol towns at night to protect women from attacks.
Germans are realizing that we have to look after our own people first before we open the door to the entire world.

When it is expected that at least two million young migrants will have each brought in between three and eight family members, the ethnic demography of the under 40s will have altered irreversibly unless Mrs. Merkel changes her tune.

Professor Kovacs compared the 11.5 million existing indigenous German population aged between 20 and 35 with the number of new arrivals, who are predominantly male and in the same age bracket.

The worries of Germans have been heightened by a report published earlier this month by Professor Adorjan F. Kovacs of the world renowned Goethe University in Frankfurt.