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Seven Pakistanis arrested in UAE for stealing credit card information

At least seven Pakistanis have been detained in Sharjah and Dubai for reportedly stealing credit card information and offering 50 per cent  discount to customers on payments by bill.

Describing the operating style of the gang, Director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Sharjah Mussbah Al Ajill informed Khaleej Times that they would search for potential clients and offer them 50 per cent discount on the bills. The criminals would reportedly consume the stolen credit card information to make full payment and charge 50 per cent from their customers.

“For instance, if someone had a mobile phone bill of Dh1,000, the suspects would charge just Dh500 to make the payment in full,” Al Ajill said adding that the reported criminals also consumed the stolen information to undergo online purchases.

The captures were made after one of the victims got aware of the voluntary payments made via his credit card after receiving a SMS notification sent by his bank and filed a complaint in police against unknown people.

One of the suspects was identified by a group of CID officers while the course of interrogation. He was captured and directed the police to the arrest of other suspects.

As per reports, the gang activists confessed in front of police that they made a deal with someone who was based outside United Arab Emirates (UAE), who would handed over stolen bank data to them in order to make online purchases.

Five of the suspects have been arrested by CID Sharjah however, the other two got arrested in Dubai in collaboration with the Dubai Police.

Earlier in August this year, Moeed Pirzada’s father was hospitalized and was on ventilator in Abu Dhabi. He and his siblings were visiting their father when hospital authorities caught Pirzada taking thumb impressions of his unconscious father on stamp papers.


According to details, a nurse reached at the spot while he was undergoing the act. The hospital authority then called police and consequently police arrested him. During investigation, Moeed rejected being involved in any such activity however, the CCTV footage proved him wrong.

His family history already includes the brutal murder of his mother in which Moeed Pirzada was accused of being guilty but he was later released from the case. There is a vague point that all the property of her mother was trnasferred to Moeed after his mother’s murder. Although an investigating officer accused him but he was set free and there wasn’t any further interrogation.