The serial rapist is in the mob

Possibility has no limits. The angry mob in Kasur is demanding justices from the Government but a snail speed is on the paddle of the Government. Social media and civil society is putting pressure on Government by demanding resignation of Rana Sana Ullah and Shahbaz Sharif.

Awami Tahreek action committe joined the model town massacre with kasur incident. Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri will march with victims for showing solidarity.

Opposition leader in Senate Ch. Aitazaz Ahsan claimed that Nawaz Sharif wants civil-war. He further claimed that 3 thousand police constables are giving duty at Jati umra.

Recently a coloured picture of serial rapist is circulating on social media.

 The pictures shows 80% match of the serial rapist, who was standing next to Zainab’s father. The DNA of 11 other rape case is same in Zainab case. This means the rapist is one and he is serial rapist/ murderer. IG Punjab submitted the Kasur report in Supreme Court. IG Punjab told the court that sketch of rapist/ murderer is not clear due to which the case is having problems in investigation.

A comprehensive search operation is underway in Kasur but victims protest enter’s in 2nd day with more anger.

Different political parties are showing solidarity with kasur victims and some how doing politics on dead bodies.

Social media and victims of Kasur are not welcoming this move of politicians.

The justice for Zainab is difficult due to lethargic behaviour of Government. Punjab police is again doing eye wash. The case will be buried in few days. The media priorities will change after few days but Zainab parents will run in court for justices.