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Serbia Election is Seen as a Vote on European Union Membership

The Polls have recently opened in Serbia in the parliamentary election seen as de facto referendum on whether Sebia should seek the membership of the European Union.

PM Aleksandar Vucic had called the vote 2 years ago, looking for a clear order to continue with the reforms vital for the ultimate EU membership.

The Polls suggested a win for his Reformist Party.

However, dissatisfaction with OM Vucic’s pro-European Union stance looks set to get the ultra-nationalists back into the parliament.

Serbia Election is Seen as a Vote on European Union Membership
Incumbent Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic cast his vote in Belgrade

They oppose membership to European bloc & favor the closer ties with Russia.

These include Vojislav Seselj, the Radical Party leader, whose admiration has been boosted by his latest acquittal of crimes against humanity at United Nations war crimes tribunal in The Hague.

Communicating after casting his ballot in suburb of capital Belgrade, Mr. Vucic had said that he wouldn’t cooperate with the right-wing parties & he hoped that the voters would choose the “European path“.

“I am almost certain that we will carry on our EU integration process,” said Mr. Vucic.

Furthermore voting in Belgrade, retired Jelica Nikolic said that she along with her husband were acting more out of a duty than conviction.

“We’ve elections too often,” she said.

In south-western city of Novi Pazar, the 40 year old voter Edib Mahmutovic hoped that the winner would create fresh jobs “that enable us to stay here & not have to look for a better life elsewhere in Europe”.

This is Serbia’s 3 parliamentary election in less than 4 years.

The Voting continues till 18:00 GMT & the partial results are most likely to come a few hours later. There’re no exit polls.