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Senators to Feel the Stress on Supreme Court Vacancy

The issue of vacancy on Supreme Court will literally be following the senators anywhere they go when they return from the recess on Tuesday, with launch of billboard truck that’ll be wandering around Washington pressurizing them to approve President Obama’s nominee.

The Constitutional Responsibility Project is hitting streets on Tuesday with billboard truck, driving by Supreme Court & exhibiting the no. of days since President Obama had nominated Merrick Garland. It’ll be on the road 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, until the Senate acts.

The struggle is organized by the group of veterans of Obama White House under #WeNeedNine campaign, that has been synchronizing the on-the-ground action to get Senate to move onward on filling the Supreme Court vacancy.


It’s had people upright outside Supreme Court every day with amount of time that has lapsed since President Obama has nominated Garland, as the  constant visual reminder.

Senate Republicans, that is led by Mitch McConnell – Majority Leader and Chuck Grassley – the Judiciary Committee Chair swore to block President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee even afore Obama publicly put forth Garland on Mar 16th.

They had argued that next president should get to choose the replacement for late Justice Antonin Scalia.

The Senators could not even get away from subject even when they were in their home states over past 2 weeks. The Republicans had faced the frequent protests & Grassley ended up just keeping details of many of his proceedings in Iowa secret.

The Newspapers also considered in with editorials advising them to give Garland a fair hearing.

Around 40 constituents from Kentucky, Iowa, Nevada, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Ohio are coming to Washington on Tuesday to lobby the legislators on the Capitol Hill

The group will also conduct a press conference just outside the Supreme Court, attend a briefing at Center for American Progress and meet with the officials at White House.

Garland has been on the Capitol Hill meeting with the senators about his nomination, however there has been little movement from the Republicans who’re standing by their leader.