Senate’s body passes resolution against Ghani’s tweet

Islamabad , February 08(Online): Senate’s Standing Committee on Interior has adopted a resolution unanimously against the interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs through tweet message by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.
The meeting of the committee was held here on Friday with PPP’s Senator Rehman Malik on chair. The meeting said that the nexus of Afghanistan and India is evident behind the tweet of Afghan President Ghani .
The chairman told the meeting that the committee has sent a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan on the Sahiwal incident. “If the kiths and kin of the deceased people of Sahiwal tragedy would not get satisfied from the government ‘s action in the case , then the committee would call them again to hear their viewpoint”, Malik added.
The committee applauded the role of FC Baluchistan for making necessary arrangements and provision of food to the stuck devotees at Pakistan Iran border. The committee was told that FC has sent 1200 trapped devotees to Quetta from the border amid high security. The meeting was also told that the due to lack of space at Pakistan House , marquee would be fixed for the devotees in future .
The committee also sought a comprehensive plan within 40 days from Federal Interior Ministry , Religious Affairs Ministry and Home Ministry of Baluchistan to mitigate the sufferings of the devotees permanently at Pak Iran border.
The point was raised in the meeting that several people illegally in the guise of devotees go abroad . It is the duty of tour operators not to take bogus devotees . If some tour operator would violate the rules and regulation in this connection ,strict action would be taken against him
The committee has directed NADRA to address the problems faced by Pakhtoon nationals in getting their national identity cards. It also sought the report on removal from service of those NADRA’s employees who had made bogus national identity cards and details of inquiry held by FIA against them.