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Senate sub-committee gets aggressive over COMSATS bill amendment

ISLAMABAD: During the meeting of the Senate sub-committee on Science and Technology, a senate panel had show fury over the matter that Ministry of Science and Technology and COMSATS institute were not consulted on amendments in bill for upgrading the facility to a university.

The amendment COMSATS University Islamabad Bill 2017 was reviewed during the meeting of the Senate sub-committee, which was chaired by Senator Azam Khan Swati. Earlier, the sub-committee had consulted with four other concerning committees to make suggestions and propose amendments in the bill. Cabinet division and Ministry of Law and Justice had inspected the new amendments.

However, Secretary Ministry of Science and Technology Fazal Abbas Maken had said that some new amendments that had been inserted to the bill at its inspecting stage were not informed to the Ministry of Science and Technology. Moreover, Mr. Maken had ordered an inquiry on the issue.

Last month the Senate’s main committee on Science and Technology had formed a sub-committee to investigate the matter. The sub-committee had to investigate the matter that how the new amendments were made in the bill without consulting senior officials and ministry of the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT).

A member of the sub-committee Mohammad Ateeq Shaikh said: “This committee would like to know the intentions and the purpose for making the changes.”

The meeting was informed that according to the inquiry office, Senior Joint Secretary Mohammad Naeem and two officials from the Comsats Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) were responsible for influencing the official of the law and justice division for suggesting the changes to the bill’s drafts.

The inquiry report said that Assistant Scientific Adviser Ministry of Science and Technology Khan Mohammad Wazir, Mukhtar Ahmad Malik, adviser CIIT, and Senior Manager Planning and Development CIIT, Aamir Usafzai were the responsible persons. They had visited the law and justice department and had manipulated changes to the bill.

The inquiry report had recommended that warning should be issued to the two officials of the CIIT to observe the official protocols. After listening to all the comments, chairman directed the ministry for a thorough report.