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Senate Passes the Energy Bill to Strengthen Power Grid

On Wednesday, the Senate had passed the 1st major energy bill in 9 years, the legislation containing the modest measures that are popular with both the Democrats and the Republicans to modernize power grid & quicken the permitting process for the exports of the liquefied natural gas.

Bill that was passed to protect power grid from the extreme weather conditions like the ice storms & hurricanes, and also from the cyber attacks. The bill also intends to shoot the innovations in the storage of power from solar and wind energy.

The House of the Representatives had passed an analogous bill last year.

The Energy Policy & Modernization Act – that is the 1st energy bill that is passed by Senate since the presidency of George W. Bush – would upsurge the United States’ exports of the  LNG, eventually assisting to give the European consumers the alternatives to rely chiefly on Russia for the gas.

After disputes held the bill up for the months, last week the senators dropped the measures from bill to assist Flint, Michigan overcome the water crisis, in which the people exposed to the dangerous levels of lead.

The Lawmakers from both the Senate and House will next iron out the differences over this recent bill. The Senate bill requires Department of Energy to issue a verdict on the LNG projects within the 45 days of environmental assessment, while the House bill instructs DOE to make choice on the permits after 30 days.

Senator Maria Cantwell, A Democrat from Washington state co-sponsoring the bill, had said soon before it approved that she hoped that the chambers would move fast “so that we can realize the opportunity to help our businesses & consumers plan for energy future.”

White House cued that President Obama would sign the bill.

On Tuesday, the Senate had passed several amendments to bill, including confining most sales from Strategic Petroleum Reserve when the prices of oil are low.