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Selfie mania claims two more lives in Kaghan Valley


Balakot: Two Multani tourists, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province, have plummeted to their deaths after one of them lost his footing while posing for photos near Kunhar River.

The couple lost their lives in Valley Kaghan in KP after the man slipped from a rock while the woman dived to rescue him and both of them drowned.

According to Balakot police official Arshad Khan, the tourist family was taking selifies when tragedy happened and local people, after three hours search, pulled their bodies out of water from five kilometer distance.

The government official data revealed that at least five people have been drowned in River Kunhar during this season while taking selfies.

One of the witnesses claimed that he tried to stop the young man from taking selfie but he got late as he slipped just a second earlier and the lady also dived after him to rescue.

Tourist guide Mr Naseem Gul saidthat he tried to save both of them but the couple was no where in sight after falling into River Kunhar.

Moreover, a tourist family including husband, wife and their daughter from Dera Ghazi Khan also died after falling into River Kunhar a few days ago.

According to the sources, 11-year-old Saffia Asif fell into Kunhar River while taking selfie and her parents dived in it too to rescue her but in vain.