Seith’s Bol Bachan

The one who was once worse critic of Seiths (the media owners) has proved himself the cruelest of all seiths toward the workers. He is no other than the owner of BOL media group Shoaib Sheikh, who should be rightly called Shoaib Seith instead.

But his victims were not highly paid anchors like, Kamran Khan, Azhar Abbas, Asma Shirazi, Iftikhar Ahmed and Wajahat S. Khan, who were enjoying perks and privileges along with high salaries. All of these anchors quit the BOL as soon as the Axact degree scandal surfaced and found a comfortable place in other channels.

However, the true working class that stood by Shoaib Sheikh through all the difficult times had to face worse for showing grace and not ditching him especially when he was jailed.

They demonstrated for the BOL and Shoaib Sheikh and survived without salaries in a hope that they would be compensated as soon as they win their case.

As a result of continues struggle of Bol workers, Shoaib Sheikh was released from the jail and Bol Channel was restored. However, when Shoaib Sheikh was released he gave nothing to the employees except for false hopes.

Although he promised to give 50 percent raise in the salaries, yet after the re-launch of the Bol Channel he hired new staff and refused to take back the Ex ‘BOL Walas’ who was standing with BOL channel from the day one and had been tirelessly working and protesting for the removal of ban on Bol TV.

He only cleared pending salaries to 20 percent lower staff while rests of the professional workers are still waiting for their pending salaries.

He gave the control of the Bol TV network in the hands of nonmedia professionals and tried to run the channel like an IT firm.

He even ignored the ardent supporters of BOL, Mubashir Luqman and his team who kept BOL’s case alive and supported him while he was in jail. Shoaib Sheikh wanted Mubashir Luqman to follow his stupid content but he refused and quit along with his team. His team’s 7 months’ salary has yet to be paid by Shoaib Sheikh.

He brought the entertainment stuff like Sajid Hassan, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Nabeel, Shehnaz and Veena Malik to run his current affair slots that miserably failed.

Bol Media is working on one point agenda, and that is ‘speak the lie with such a frequency that it looks like truth.  The Bol Network follows the pattern of frequent, repeated and excessive lies in its promotion especially on social media and its deceiving websites to mislead the audience.

The number one anchor of the self-proclaimed number one channel, Aamir Liaquat Hussain has also quit.

According to reports, Amir Liaquat said Shoaib Ahmed Sheikh, President, and CEO of Bol TV network, is an arrogant person. “I even had a fight with him,” he said

“Sheikh deliberately cut my show in between. The Bol administration has sent a legal notice to me through its Human Resource Department. Now I have refused to do the show at BOL TV anymore,” he added.

The flamboyant televangelist and TRP King Aamir Liaquat Hussain was anchoring two programs “Aisa Naheen Chaley Ga” and a game show “Aisa Chaley Ga.” on Bol TV.

Sajid Hassan, a senior TV actor, who was forcefully turned into a current affair anchor, has also decided to leave this fake channel.

Shoaib Sheikh would not mend his ways because he has learnt the art of exploiting the workers and he would continue with his fake channel by none professionals and entertainment stuff  because his purpose is not to inform the masses rather his agenda seems to  provides a cover to his actual business of so-called IT and degree mill, The Axact.

On the other hand, workers will continue to be exploited at the hand of one Seith or the other because they are not ready to unite for their rights.

All the media rights organizations formed in the name of workers’ rights have been hijacked by the few who play in the hands of those Seiths and enjoy the benefits.

Workers in all media houses are facing huge problems like low salaries, late salaries, lack of medical insurance and other allowances, long working hours, unjustified expulsions, and abusive behavior by the management. But they continue to work like zombies and hardly complain.

Workers unions have been either been eliminated or transformed into inactive organizations that only served the few and can be easily managed by the Seiths in times of crisis.  In this situation, only Seiths thrive and continue to extend their media empires by sucking the blood of workers.