Security situation of India getting more complex: Indian Army Chief

On Saturday, praising the Indian Army and security forces for the effective Pathankot counter attack operations, Army Chief General Dalbir Singh said that increasingly the security environment of the nation is becoming more complex and dynamic.

They have recovered weapons with markings from Pakistan. NIA is still investigating, they will inform further, he added.

Speaking at an annual press conference in the capital, Singh said, he assure nation that their Army is highly motivated and ready to respond to any threats to our national security. It was a good operation. To ensure fewer casualties they had to take time to complete operation.

When questioned about the involvement of NSG in Pathankot attack, Singh defended their deployment on ground. NSG is the best force to deal with hostage situation, was a good decision, he said.

Singh said there was no lack of coordination. Pathankot operation delay best left to local commander and their liberty, he said.

On Tuesday Union Home Minister said that there is no reason to distrust Pakistan’s promise of cracking down on perpetrators of the Pathankot terror attack.

Pakistan government has assured that it will take effective action.             They think they should wait, Singh told reporters on the sidelines of an event in Greater Noida. There is no reason to distrust (avishwaas) them (Pakistan) so early, he had said.

An undetermined number of suspected Jaish-i-Mohammad militants were holding out late into Sunday night inside India’s sensitive Pathankot air force base, as the government scrambled to answer uncomfortable questions about how it all came this far.

Indian defense analysts were also looking at the possibility that the heavy arms the militants had got might have been provided locally.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh had said that though India was keen on good ties with Pakistan, it would give a fitting reply to terror attacks.

AFTER an initially mature response to the attack on the Pathankot air force base, the Indian government has reverted to its familiar stance and made the foreign secretary talks contingent on Pakistan’s action against the Kashmiri groups who have claimed responsibility for the attack.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s diplomats and officials should develop a set of principles and clear objectives to be followed whenever the Comprehensive Dialogue is commenced.

The hijacking of an Indian police officer’s car by gunmen disguised in uniform should have set off alarm bells and helped prevent a deadly weekend attack on a military air base, officials and security experts said.

Three days on from an assault that killed seven military personnel and wounded 22, five attackers have also been eliminated, but an operation was still under way to secure the sprawling compound in India’s northwestern Punjab.