Schools are no more the same in KP

The KP education minister Atif Khan is setting new standards of education. Hundred thousand children have moved to government schools from private schools.

We all know that education is the basic key to success. If one wants to be a successful person then firstly he needs to get educated. Many low and some middle-class people can’t afford a good private school for their children and they also hesitate to send their child to some government institute. This is only because our government institutes are in the worst possible conditions.

The Education Minister of KP is setting new records in the education field. The KP government extended budget of the education sector and made the government institutes role models.

According to a report of news channel JAAG, nearly hundred thousand children moved from private institutes to government institutes. PTI Chairman Imran Khan also tweeted about this,

This is really good news for all of us. It is just a start and we are promised that the KP government will do much better for their people with this shown determination.