Scarlett wants Hollywood to make more Women-led films

Scarlett Johansson has urged her fans to pressurize the Hollywood bosses for making more women-led films and put an end to the gender gap.

Recently, a popular movie like Wonder Woman, the highest-ever grossing film directed by a woman, have shown that there is a tendency among viewers for the gender disparity to be stopped, BT reports.

Johansson, 32, said, “The conversation starts in the general public and I think the industry follows. Unfortunately, they don’t often lead by example. I think the audience has to be vocal and demand what they want to see and that they want diversity and that they want stories that reflect the zeitgeist.”

Co-star Jillian Bell second Johansson, saying: “The more people see them (women-led films), the more the studio gets the note that it works.”

Broad City star Ilana Glazer said viewers are “hungry” for more diversity and the internet is helping in this regard. “People are so vocal about what they want to see, not just gender diversity but racial diversity,” she added.

Women covered just 29 percent of the lead solo roles in the US’s top-100 grossing films of 2016 which was a “recent historical high”, according to research by the Centre for the Study of Women in Television and Film.

The study also found that only four percent directors and 11 percent writers of the top 100 films were women in the year 2016.