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The Scam Schemes Worrying China & Taiwan

A current diplomatic commotion between China & Taiwan has cast the light on a colossal international telecoms fraud issues.

It’s said to involve the thousands of scammers, while some of them play-acting to be the Govt. officials to extract money from the victims.

This scam has so they say had cost the mainland Chinese preys billions of dollars & some even committed suicide.

Both Taiwan & China have for countless years been pursuing the suspects in what appears to be a massive scam operation, in the terms of both spread & scale.

The officials said to have detained around 7,700 telecoms fraud suspects, with 4,600 o them being Taiwanese, whereas majority of victims are elderly, along the farmers, teachers, and students

It’s been difficult to make sure if criminals belong to same ring or are separate syndicates, however their techniques have been alike.

The scammers usually contact the victims over phone or on a popular messaging apps like the QQ & WeChat, and their chief ruse involves acting to be a Govt. official telling victim that she/he are suspected of money laundering and that they needs to transfer more money for investigations.

The Scam Schemes Vexing Taiwan & China
Victims are contacted over the phone or on popular messaging apps like WeChat

Other techniques that are reported include the scammers pretending to be the insurance agents or the employees of online shopping sites.

Chinese comments of the Chinese authorities’ indicated that when the suspects were nabbed for committing the crimes in a 3rd country, both sides would discretely deal with their own suspects.

However, now the Taiwanese suspects have been deported to mainland, instead of their homes, to face the charges, angering Taiwan that had accused China of the “extra-judicial abduction”.

China regards Taiwan as breakaway Chinese province and not an independent country.

It insists that it’s jurisdiction over Taiwanese as their alleged victims have all been the mainland Chinese.

China, earlier this month criticized Taiwan for freeing a group of Taiwanese suspects who were arrested in Malaysia.