SC orders denotification of four NAB officials

Islamabad: The Supreme Court on Wednesday has ordered the denotification of four high officials of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), whose initial appointment could not be justified by their qualifications.

The four officials include Director General (DG) NAB Lahore Major (Retd.) Bhurhan Ali, DG NAB Karachi Major (Retd.) Shab­bir Ahmed and DG NAB Quetta Major (Retd.) Tariq Mehmood and female DG NAB Aliya Rashid.

During the hearing, the apex court said that denotified persons will remain eligible for pension and other privileges. However, earlier, the Supreme Court repeatedly warned that it might take away benefits from all those individuals who refused to take early retirement.

Aliya Rashid was appointed on the recommendation of then prime minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jammali in recognition of her services in sports while other three are retired army personnel.

All accused were found guilty in accordance with Section 9 (iv) of NAB’s Ordinance which states that person is said to have committed corruption if he obtains for himself any pecuniary advantage by illegal means.

A report has been filed before the SC which read that several NAB personnel were posted to BPS-18 positions illegally, as they did not have the required academic qualification and experience for certain posts.

On the other hand, four senior officials of NAB have taken premature retirement on Monday. Director investigation NAB Lahore Capt (Retd) Farukkh Naseem,  Director investigation NAB Lahore Muhamamd Younus and Director NAB Quetta Amir Shah also wrote their resignation letters under orders of the apex court.