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“Say No to Corruption”! Employees not being paid for raising voice against Danyal Aziz

Islamabad: The Gun & Country Club employees had to face callous behavior after they raised voice against the club’s administration and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s member of National Assembly (MNA) Danyal Aziz.

The employees had not being paid their salaries for three months when they talked about the corruption of administration and MNA. The victims have demanded justice from higher authorities.

The employees informed media sources that MNA Daniyal Aziz has practiced nepotism and appointed administration of its personal choice. Moreover, to hide its corruption the former admin manager Yasir Javed was also being dismissed from his post illegally.

The current secretary of the club Athar Rauf used to bless those of his own choice to hide his corruption. Due to Rauf, the club has to face loss of million of rupees per month.

According to rules and regulations of the Gun club, staff members were restricted to organize any function in premises of the club; however, the current secretary celebrated the Valima of his son there. No only this, he even did not pay the bill of hall booking and just paid half of the dues of other facilities.

Employees alleged him for being involved in the corruption of accounts as he used to change the records.

When the admin manager and other raised voices against such corruption of Danial Aziz and his favorite persons, Yasir Javed and three hundred other employees were being dismissed illegally and were also not being paid their dues.

All victims have requested the higher authorities to take action against those who were involved in corruption and also asked to restore them on their posts to take them out of dismal condition.