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Saudi Arabia imposes restrictions on Iranian Hajj Pilgrims

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia imposed a restrictions on Iranian Hajj Pilgrims this year.

In a press release the embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran has informed of numerous restrictions on Hajj Pilgrims this year.

According to details Iranian Pilgrims will perform their Hajj by another country as well as use the airline of that country. Moreover Iranian will not allow to show their group identity during Hajj because Saudi’s security agencies will not take any responsibility of Irani hajis.

Moreover pilgrims wearing a tracking bracelet and Iranian hospital will not allow to work in Saudi territory during Hajj.

Bilateral relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been strained over different geo-political issues such as the interpretations of Islam, aspirations for leadership of the Islamic world, oil export policy, relations with the United States and the West.