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Saudi Arabia exports its Salafi version of Islam to Indonesia

Institute for Islamic and Arabic science (LIPIA), the centre of Salafism in Indonesia, is located in a Saudi-funded university in South Jakarta. Allegedly, the Center was established to promote Arabic, so that, there isn’t any sign of the official language of Indonesia; Bahasa, on public boards and books in the Library. All 3,500 students enjoy free tuition, Yemen Press reported.


At LIPIA, music is considered bid’ah, an unnecessary innovation, and laughing out loud is prohibited. Men and women sections are separated. Male students attend the live discussion in a room and female students watch the live broadcast of the debate in another room. Beyond LIPIA, hundreds of Indonesians receive scholarships to study at Saudi Universities every year. Saudis use this to promote Takfiri and terrorism ideas.


While Islamic institutes of the two Muslim majority countries of South East Asia, including Indonesia and Malaysia are financed by Saudi Arabia, there is no wonder that ISIS has been growing suddenly over the past few years in these regions. In these circumstances, is the development and growth of ISIS linked to internal changes and Syria or Iraq?


To the extent that Saudi Arabia gains more religious and cultural influence and presence in Southeast Asia, it shall be expected that there will be more growth and development of Takfiri movements and terrorist activities in the region. In such a situation, the nations of the region that have been living in peace and security, are never to enjoy peace again. If they don’t realise the threat, finally the explosions, terror attacks, and the killing of their own people and their loved ones will wake them up. The difference is that it may be too late.