Saudi Arabia: Bus Accident Killed19

At least 19 Egyptians are killed during the bus overturned in Saudi Arabia, said the officials

Red Crescent spokesperson, Mr. Khaled al-Sahli claimed that the crash took place early on Saturday on a highway that linked the 2 Saudi holy cities of Mecca & Medina. At least 22 pilgrims were injured.

“19 people were killed when the bus carrying them turned over on the Hijra road between the coastal city of Jeddah and the holy city of Medina’’, he said.

“All the bus passengers have the same nationality of an Arab country except the driver who is Asian,” he said.

An official with the Egyptian foreign ministry, Hisham al-Naqeeb, said to the MENA news agency that the bus was carrying over 42 Egyptians.

The tourism ministry in Cairo however said that a total of 19 Egyptian pilgrims & a child were killed & 15 were injured in the accident.

Hisham Al-Naqeb said that the bodies of the deceased were transferred to the different hospitals in city of Medina.

Nawaf al-Mohammad, who is the chief of the Medina traffic department, had told the Saudi online newspaper Sabq that the driver of the bus might have fallen asleep.

The accident came not, but only a day after atleast 14 Palestinian pilgrims en route to the city of Mecca had died in a bus crash in southern Jordan near the Saudi border.