Sana Safinaz launches its silk chiffon range and it’s as stunning as ever!

We take a look at the new range and pick our favourite seven oufits.

After a glorious summer of bright yellows and sultry reds, the brand is back with it’s silk chiffon collection.

Sana Safinaz, originally from Karachi, was created by best friends Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer in 1989. Originally placed in the Haute Couture market it swiftly changed gears and started its own Pret line aswell. Now comfortably placed in both markets, it boasts of affordable, luxurious clothing in both its ready made and unstitched ranges. The collection carries 14 beautiful outfits ranging from Rs 11,490 to Rs 13,999.

Here we choose our favourite seven with tips on how to style each one.

7 This stunning three piece comes in at a very reasonable Rs 11,490. It has a digitally printed silk shirt carrying an ottoman inspired design. The trousers are also pure Indian raw silk as is the on trend long dupatta, carrying a running embroidery border.

I love the colours as the entire look is very rich. One can easily style this with black or nude stilettos and matching purse. The combination of off white and black is a classic and this outfit, suitable for both day and evening events is a lovely statement piece.



6 This rather bold combination comes with colourful thread embroidery with a digitally printed dupatta and sleeves. Priced at Rs 13,490, it comes as a 4 piece with the addition of viscose silk fabric for the slip. Indian raw silk trousers and the dupatta complete the ensemble.

Off white isn’t an obvious pick for the cooler months but the addition of red and blue is slightly atypical. I do love the front motif and the gorgeous lace border. Trendy ladies can style this with a blue or red bag or you can stick with a beige bag for a more classic look. I would pick nude strappy heels with this to play off the cool base colour and let the bright hues take centre stage.


5 Sitting at a very reasonable Rs 13,490 this regal suit is one of my favourites. The contrast of gold and maroon never tires and with the addition of a subtle grey, it looks opulent. This shirt has a chiffon base with heavy embroidery and coupled with the golden tones, its targeted at the traditional customers. It carries a digitally printed back and dupatta to give an all round heavy feel. The trousers are again in pure indian silk as is the printed dupatta.

This is a stunning piece in lovely warm shades. I love the modern suggested cut of the trouser and it can be worn with pointed golden or maroon shoes. If you choose a slimmer fit trouser I would go with a golden shoe to avoid over powering the suit. Pick up a golden clutch and you are ready to go to the ball, my Queen!


  4 One of my personal favourites, this stunner comes in at no 4 but could easily fit into the top 3. Due to the impossibly high standard set by the brand, it becomes very hard to separate the top slots. Again, bursting with opulence, this suit has a Mughal inspired print on crepe fabric. It has a digitally printed crepe back with silk trousers. The dupatta is the show stealer in rich shades of magenta, olive and royal blue. To add to the magnificence, there is an embroidered neckline to ensure that all eyes will be on you!

This suit uses the traditional approach of combining a soft, light base with dramatic colours. The contrast is beautiful to offset the Mughal design and hues. Pair with off white shoes but do play on the colours in the suit for the bag. I love the suggested styling with the dupatta acting as a gown but do check that you have enough fabric. Coming in at Rs 11,490 it’s a real bargain for what is being offered.


3 The beauty does not cease with this ensemble with a twist! The pattern comes with a different loop design to again highlight the opulence that is a signature of the brand. Due to the ingenuity of the design, this suit finds itself at no.3. Coming in at Rs 12,490, it adds embroidery to the digital Mughal print. Sana Safinaz have added a tilla embroidered neckline and border. They have paired the digitally printed sleeves with a printed back and used embroidered floral bunches to increase the wow factor. A pure silk dupatta completes this majestic outfit.

The tilla neckline adds an extra bit of oomph making this a head turner at the most stylish of parties. The shades are rich, deep tones of blue, mustard and dark maroon and its stunning against the white/grey background. Play around with the shades of bags and shoes. The more bolder lady could wear maroon heels with this and really make an entrance.


 2 The top 2 is kicked off with this Mughal inspired designs, coming in at 12,490, in the unusual colour combination of green and dark magenta. It is more subtle than the bold colours already shown and so comes in at this slot. Similar to the last outfit, this also has a tilla neckline and borders paired with the silk trousers and back. The shirt front is also in silk and the suit is completed with a silk dupatta with a golden floral design.

The dupatta, moving away from the formulatic bright border with light centre, is what makes this suit stand out. This concept was also used year to great effect and I am glad the brand has repeated it. Green and magenta, although not entirely original, but it is still a fresh combo and is pleasing to the eye. I do love the patch on the trousers and the whole vibe is fit for the modern Pakistani woman. Pair with magenta shoes and bag to really brighten the outfit. A lovely outfit for any wardrobe.


1My top pick is this regal piece valued at Rs 11,490.  Bringing together the stunning shades of gold, purple and blue it’s unparalleled as its opulence is understated. It is made for a woman who is in control and is sure of herself. This piece also brings together pure indian silk and crepe with an embroidered neck line. I like that the dupatta is in a rich hue of gold with unusual combinations that are striking offset against a light base. Keep the styling understated so that the colours can do the talking. A must have suit for any chic wardrobe.


Enjoy Shopping!