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Sana Cheema, Italian-Pakistani Girl: Another Case of Honour Killing

By Maryam Iraj

Finally yet at sad note, the case of Sana Cheema rounds off, on Wednesday, with a forensic report confirming Italian-Pakistani woman was murdered by strangulation. 

Sana Cheema was reportedly murdered on April 18, 2018. According to the forensic report of Punjab laboratory, the 26-year-old didn’t die a natural death as the bone of her neck was broken, which confirmed that she was murdered.

According to a source, police have arrested the accused  under the charges of murder. “On April 18, Sana Cheema was killed by her father and brother because they wanted to marry her off to his relative but the Sana wanted to marry out of her own choice in Italy”, a police official confirmed.

Ghulam Mustafa, the girl’s father and her brother, Adanan Mustafa, along with Mazhar Iqbal (deceased’s uncle) plotted to kill Sana a day prior to her return flight to Italy, according to the police. The family pretended to demonstrate Sana’s death as natural tragedy and buried the body in West Mangowal area of District Gujrat.

On April 24, it was claimed by a relative that Sana’s own family had killed her over the matter of ‘honor’. In order to investigate the matter, her body was exhumed on April 25 for conducting postmortem.

This case of honor killing also received considerable attention on social media in Italy. People voiced their protest and demanded justice for Sana Cheema with hashtags such as #JusticeforSana and #TruthforSana.