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Salman Ahmad asked to leave the country after life threats

KARACHI: Police has asked Salman Ahmad, former associate of the dissolved music band Vital Signs, to leave the country on urgent basis as he may face life threat working relentlessly to eradicate polio.

The famous singer refused to leave Pakistan as trying to make this country a better place. Salman Ahmad revealed that a police officer advised him to leave the country as he could be targeted by terrorists and militia.

The police official told the department has reliable source of information in the matter, Salman asserted. Dozens of polio workers have been reported killed while doing their duties in different parts of the country despite the efforts of police and law enforcement agencies, especially in Sindh.

Salman Ahmad has been advised after the renowned qawwal Amjad Sabri was gunned down in the past week. Demise of Amjad Sabri brought tears into the eyes of whole the nation.
Salman Ahmad has been appointed by UN as Good Will ambassador for polio and he is working in Pakistan for the elimination of the polio.

An operation is already organized for the people of Karachi by the army but threats given to artists of the country would be awful. These artists are the soul of the country if soul is not present in body, our country would not be able to stand by itself.