Chaltey Chaltey: The Sufi Soul of Dr. Salman Ahmed Animated from the Makers of Burka Avenger

Those of you who remember the award-winning and internationally acclaimed series, Burka Avenger, by Pakistan’s finest animation production house, Unicorn Black, must be thrilled to know that another one is on its way, Chaltey Chaltey, to grip your imagination. And this time it’s going to rock as Dr. Salman Ahmed is teaming up with Haroon Rashid of Awaz, who is also the founder of Unicorn Black, to take us on a ride for the journey of life.

In an exclusive conversation with, Dr. Ahmed gave us sneak peak into the highly awaited animated song of the year, Chalety Chaltey, for the kids of this country.

Dr. Ahmed who always stood for peace, unity, and compassion through songs and philanthropy has made this song for children to teach that journey of life begins with a high aim, positive attitude and with the spirit of adventure. The song would elaborate how Dr. Ahmed started his journey as a singer and what it is like to be in Pakistan if you are an aspiring artist. encompassing many highs and lows.

The animation shows Dr. Ahmed riding his bike across Pakistan, ending up as a globe-trotter, with sunglasses on and guitar on one shoulders in search of a true meaning of life. Along the way, he stops by Shah-Rukn-e Alam’s Shrine to pay his respects and moves on. Significant to note here that animation which our kids usually come across are not rooted in our culture, neither the protagonists in those animations belongs to our society. But with this song, our kids will have their own hero—a real hero who walked the paths which few dared to dream of.

At the face of it, Chaltey Chaltey delineates the joy of travelling and a life filled with music.  But deep down, it beautifully reflects how Dr. Ahmad’s journey is blended with spirituality and gives a message to its viewers that the ultimate aim of our lives is to be in communion with God and to serve humanity—that is the only way to bring peace to our souls.

Chaltey Chaltey is a finespun and an animation of top-notch quality with very deep meanings embedded for generations to come.

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