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Saeed Ajmal appointed as Director Development Cricket in Sports Board Punjab

LAHORE, June 2 (APP): Former world number two bowler Saeed Ajmal has been appointed as Director Development Cricket in Sports Board Punjab (SBP) to identify the young players at grassroots level.

Saeed Ajmal, who has been got the Sitara-e-Imtiaz for his cricketing services, has been assigned duties to supervise cricket academies, revival of grounds and administrative affairs in Punjab as part of development
of the youth programme.

The renowned spinner will also oversee the growth of cricket in schools, colleges and universities and will play a role in locating talented players at primary and middle school level.

“We have given responsibility to Saeed keeping an eye on future of Pakistan cricket and we are confident to get benefit from his expertise in the game “, said Usman Anwar, Director General, SBP, while talking to APP on Thursday.

He said SBP is taking all out measures to revive the culture of sports in the province and holding of youth international festivals and other events were part of it.

“Now we are focusing on our major sports in which we had a glittering past and hiring of Saeed is part of our cricket development programme to spot cricket talent at an early level and to groom it under a long-term plan.”

“We are rich in cricket talent and we will evolve a system to have a reservoir of young talented cricketers to broaden the base of the game and to serve a pipeline to produce finish products for our junior cricket teams “,said the DG,SBP.