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SACP reveals port city has the highest rate of HIV patients

Karachi: The provincial capital has the highest number of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) patients across the Sindh, Sindh AIDS Control Programme’s (SACP’s) report revealed. 

The report reads that about 42,000 HIV patients are present in the metropolitan city. Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP’s)hub, the Larkana won the title of second city with most cases of HIV patients.

According to the provincial AIDS control authority, Karachi has ranked the highest with most number of HIV patients for last 20 years.

Provincial Health Minister Sikandar Ali Mandhro admitted that HIV screenings were not being conducted in hospitals or jails; along with it the medicines for it were also not easily available.

Pakistan is among those few countries which lack awareness regarding HIV, the virus which damages the immune system cells of body. The virus may take to AIDS which causes severe loss of cellular immunity and greatly lower the resistance towards infection and malignancy. The patient then becomes susceptible to various disease including tumors and tuberculosis.