Saba Qamar All Set to Rock Internationally!

Saba Qamar is what we call ‘one hellova girl!’- a force to be reckoned with.

Possessing the lethal combination of being extremely talented and too beautiful to be true, it turns out she is humble to the core. All who have worked with her applaud her professional and perfectionist approach. Confident in herself, she, overall as a person is someone who doesn’t beat around the bush and says exactly what’s on her mind. Take her recent reaction to the Lux Style Awards ceremony. She boycotted this year’s LSA for being heavily biased and to have been based on politics and connections rather than work and connections and in a ‘tbh moment’, we all and everyone in the industry has the same to say yet only she had the guts to give up her star moments to do something about it. With her exceptional work, choice of projects, professionalism and now this award bycott, do we see Saba being Pakistan’s Amir Khan? If this is how it is, way to go girl! There is no bad side to this.

Having worked in dramas like Main Sitara and Besharam last year, which won her a lot of appreciation from her fans as well as critics, Qamar is gearing up for her highly awaited Bollywood debut film Hindi Medium, directed by Saket Chaudhry.

The movie is set to release on May 12 in which she is paired opposite the multi-and-extraordinarily talented, Irrfan Khan.

The trailer leaves you wanting so much more and Khan’s and Qamar’s on-screen chemistry is magical; probably as a result of two confident stars rather than those actually-complexed-yet-desprate-for-fame-stars that we find so many of these days. The story highlights the struggles of the middle class in Delhi, who’ll do anything to be part of the elite circle. During an interview conducted by HIP Saba Qamar talked about her upcoming ‘Hindi Medium’.



How’d you get around doing Hindi Medium?

At the time I was waiting for a good script to pop up. Then one day I got a call from a casting agent who worked with Maddock Films. He told me the makers of Hindi Medium were looking for an actress and he thought I would be perfect for the role. I was pretty excited and after I got the script I spoke to Saket Chaudhary a few times, gave my audition and before I knew it, got a call saying I was on board! That’s how the movie happened. There was no struggle involved, everything went very smoothly.

Had they seen your work before?

Yes, few of my plays were aired on Zee Zindagi so they knew the sort of actress I was, which is why they got in touch with me.

How difficult was it to learn Hindi?

It wasn’t too difficult, I mean all of us have grown up watching Indian movies so we are aware of certain words and how they are pronounced. But since the makers wanted me to be a typical woman from Delhi, a coach was bought in to make sure I nailed the accent so the audiences could connect better.

What was it like to work with Irrfan Khan?

It was amazing! He is such a humble and down to earth person. I became a bigger fan of his after working with him. He is also a very helpful co-star, who doesn’t think too much of himself, considering how big of a celebrity he is.

In fact, during scenes I’d ask him if I was doing my part well and he’d say “Kammal hain aap”. It felt great receiving a compliment from him. Everyone on the set was also very encouraging.

Before we concluded our chat with Qamar, we couldn’t help but ask which song from Hindi Medium was her favorite, “Hoor by Atif Aslam.”

A lot of people will be wondering after the Raees promotions fiasco, how will it work for for Hindi Medium. Saba Qamar will not be promoting the movie in India for the rift between countries but she did reveal to us that she will be present for the Dubai promotions since the project is a global one, the team including a lot of people and also our very own Atif Aslam as well as shown above. We asked her about her future plans and this is what she had to say, ‘I’m receiving a lot of offers and I’m reading scripts too, but nothing has been finalized yet.”