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Russian Model, 22, Jumps from the 6th Floor to Avoid the Rape by a Businessman in Dubai

By Anahita Zurvan

Ekaterina Stetsyuk, 22, told to police and family that she declined to have sex with the man who apparently put a knife against her throat in a Dubai hotel. She, in defense, risked to jump off the six stories to save herself of the rape.

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Woman was knocked unconscious when massive tree fell on top of her as she jumped.  Nevertheless, the alleged attacker’s claim is pretty contrary. A thorough investigation is still under way.  The details of the counter claim of the alleged rapist are unknown to media so far. According to the sources, she was working as an elite escort in Dubai. Whereas her mother has hit back at the claims, saying she is a ‘well known model’ back in her hometown of Irkutsk.