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Russian air strikes in Syria kill hundreds in Moscow

About 400 people having majority of rebels have been killed in the Moscow attacks in last month, said monitoring group.

The military campaign in Moscow last month has killed at least 595 Syrians as the Russian air strikes continue to hit Moscow, a monitoring group said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported:

“Since September 30 during the Moscow air strike attacks, among the killed people, at least two-third majority was of those were opposition fighters while the rest were innocent civilians including forty-right children”.

About 185 deaths of the civilians, 131 Islamic State of Iraq’s and Levant ISIL group fighters and 279 members of the opposition groups; have been documented as the Russian air strikes continued in 10 of country’s 14 provinces.

Russia says its aerial campaign targets ISIL and other “terrorists”, but rebel forces and their backers accuse Moscow of focusing on moderate fighters instead.

Many field clinics and hospitals in Syria have also been destroyed by the Russian air strikes, said several medical groups.

The Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said on Thursday that air strikes in northern and central Syria have hit and destroyed about 12 hospitals recently while in the last weeks these strikes have killed more than 35 medical staff members and more than 70 got injured, the international medical charity doctors added.

The attacks have also caused the displacement of thousands of civilians, the MSF said.