The Roman Circus Part – 2

By Hassan Wyne

When history repeats itself, it repeats itself with a vengeance. No matter what a society tries to do, it cannot undo the damage it has incurred by making the same mistakes as those made by the previous generations & societies. When we look back at the previous societies and cultures that existed years or centuries earlier, all committed the same mistakes, underlying issues, and corruption on some level or extent that they cannot be pin-pointed.

Even if such discrepancies are pointed out, what troubles me as a history enthusiast is that we know what mistakes our predecessors made, yet we follow the same footsteps when it is our turn. Why has there never been a successive ruling government or empire in the world it is because of “pride”.

In my previous article, I mentioned that every rise has a fall, it is that rise which has actually turned into “pride” and consequently brings about the fall. It is because of this “pride” that we do not realize when our spiral downfall begins and we end up in such a ditch that we forget as a nation how to get out.  We start with the Pharaohs, followed by the Greeks and Persians, than the Roman empire, followed by their downfall, after which the dark-ages began, and then the enlightenment period of the Muslims followed by the crusades and the decline of the Muslim era to the end of the dark ages with renaissance and the rise of the Ottoman empire succeeded by the Mughal Empire and soon followed by the spread of the British, Spanish and Portuguese empire and fast forward to the 18th century and soon followed the utter confusion of the media. It was with the invention of a fast postal service and larger news coverage which caused wide spread know-how of the world.

In the 18th Century following onto the 20th Century Great Britain was already a super power and USA soon followed. By the end of World War 2, Great Britain was not as great as before but 2 new countries emerged as prominent super powers, the USA and the USSR. The breakup of USSR in 1991 led the USA to be the supreme super power for a few years. However times are now changing and we have a new player in our midst namely China, being a key player in the progress of Pakistan, with CPEC being the most vital project till date. We should hope for a prosperous Pakistan and the way things are going for Pakistan I see much better and brighter future for Pakistan.