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Robots are to give human rights by European Parliament

Members of European Parliament (MEPs) are to present a resolution to grant legal rights to robots; they asked to categorize robots as “electronic persons”. The resolution has been easily passed by the majority of the votes from the legal committee of the European parliament and is expected to be place in front of the whole parliament in February.

The proposed draft says that this legislation is important to make robots responsible of their acts; present rules are insufficient for the term used technological revolution but there is a need to establish “basic ethical principles” to counter any peril situation.

It was also stated that the autonomous robots are not just simple puppets playing in the hands of other actors; so there is a great need to of the new rules which authorize these machines to be responsible of their own acts.

Delvaux-Stehres, a socialist MEP, emphasized  on the need of legal framework for robots; she said: “A growing number of areas of our daily lives are increasingly affected by robotics.” added, “In order to ensure that robots are and will remain in the service of humans, we urgently need to create a robust European legal framework.”

According to report; robots and other technologies based on artificial intelligence (IA) like driver-less cars etc are going to form a new era of industrial revolution which will create main changes in all principles and will cause many changes on society.

According to research, sales of robots boost by 29% in 2104 and this rate is increasing more and more every year which is roughly estimated as 17% to every last year.