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Robert De Niro Celebrates Anupam Kher’s Birthday at His House

By Hussain Khalid Mirza

When words do not come in your mind, you start noticing the situation and most of the times memories of past catch you like no one around you is looking at you.

Robert de Nario and Anupam Kher both are those stars of different industries who taught their next generation the  true meaning of acting and through their acting they showed their audience how the world of acting is related to the real world. Their method-acting skills redefined the standards of acting in the commercial cinema.

I was talking about past memories, when I read the news about the birthday party of Anupam Kher thrown by Robert De Niro, I was reminiscing about their movies I have been watching since my childhood.

Up til now, Anupam kher has worked in more than three hundred movies and played almost all types of characters.  The movie which I Iike the most is ” Chahat “, in this movie he has worked with Shahrukh Khan, Pooja Bhaat, Naseer-ud-din-Shah and Ramya Krishnan. And this song which I am posting now, I still sing while I drive my bike.

Last year,  Anupam Kher has worked with Pakistani young talent (Kumail Nanjiani) working in New York and gave a big hit to industry. This movie was mix genre of comedy and romance, let me show you trailer of this movie.

Here is another scene from Big Sick called , you are not my son.:

Anupam kher had started from scratch and now the name of Bollywoood industry is incomplete without him. He is in the pursuit of refining his work just with his growing age and not getting  tired any time soon.

Anupam Kher has proved that a hardworker, who loves and lives his work, is respected everywhere whether that is Europe, Subcontinent or Gulf countries.

Robert De Niro, a Hollywood legend,  wished warmly Anupam Kher and for that Kher reciprocated his emotions on his twitter account. ” Thank you Grace and Mr Robert De Niro for making my birthday the biggest highlight of my entire life. Thank you for the surprise dinner for me at your home. Thank you for singing “Happy Birthday.” Thank you for my ultimate,” The Bollywood star says.

It is the acting charisma of Anupam Kher which bewitched De Niro to throw a party in his honour and to prove that art and love knows no boundaries.