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Riham Khan: An Indian Treat

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal”, says Riham Khan in an exclusive interview to India Tv.

And guess what, according to Riham Khan, the way to speak the truth and to speak for your country is to give an interview to a country (India) which does not miss a single chance to malign the image of Pakistan. Yes, her Nostradamic interview was aired on Indian TV on 3rd February 2018, two days prior to Kashmir day.

According to Ms. Khan, “if supreme court is so lenient with Imran Khan for getting away with all the lies and deceits, why did they indict PML-N”.

How intelligent and loyal of her to talk to Indian Tv to criticize Pakistani courts and its national hero!

It puts a question mark on her nationalism.

In another classic statement in the same interview, she further added that “except for “marriages” (she used the word “shadian”), her every move is well-though-out.” I beg to differ Ms Khan. You do everything with a plan. Be it your marriage or your performance as a honey-trap, you are good at what you do.

You criticized supreme court of Pakistan in this interview for calling Imran Khan “Sadiq and Amin”, you ensured Indian media that you are privy to “many” things “(muje tau bohat se batain pata hain), thus proving your competent allegiance to Indian godfathers.

What prompted me to write this article is the twitter troll which a very famous and well-reputed anchorperson had to withstand when he tweeted about this interview. Well, to all the haters and trolls out there, it is not important what she wore and who she is. Important thing is what she said, to whom she said and when. Answer is that she maligned Supreme Court of Pakistan for its decision declaring Chairman PTI “Sadiq and Amin”, Government of Pakistan (KPK) for allocating budget to madrassas and not passing women protection bill, people of Pakistan for not holding Imran Khan accountable, media of Pakistan for not giving her a chance to speak and talk about her personal life. Lo and behold, she talked all about this in detail to an Indian media house. How logical is that?

Just to tickle the imagination of trolls, she came off with Indian (sic) colours in that dupatta (a long head-scarf). 

Think pseudo-liberals!

That is the real catch. You troll #hate India # free Kashmir, instead of being abusive to someone who is trying to serve you with information.

It is very cheap of a woman to play the victim-card when one is not. She did it twice.

Ms. Khan’s faithfulness to Indian narrative of Pakistan is self-explanatory of her cognizance of Pakistan’s stance on terrorism. According to Ms. Khan, “Chairman PTI is seeking a soft corner among those people who are extremists.” And to support her faulty narrative, she substantiated her claim that Imran Khan gave a huge amount of money to madrassas. Well to her shortsightedness and to educate her, not every Islamic scholar who is running a madrassa or not every student who is studying in a madrasa is a “terrorist”. Such madrassas are home to millions of homeless children. Linkup of terrorism with madrassas is typical American-Indian and now Afghan narrative.

For me and many alike, this interview was not about exposing Imran Khan, it’s lowly grumbling and grousing against Pakistani courts, KPK government, and above all Pakistani nation by “Ms. Know-all”.

Well, one can trot the globe, especially India, to sell herself for being Ms. Ex. Khan, knowing many things (mujeh tau bohat kuch pata hay). But the honey-trap is not sweet enough to defame the highest court of Pakistan and to criticize its decisions with India—a country whom we share a very rocky and speculative relationship with.

For all those who planted, it was not good enough of a honey-trap. Money wasted. Oops!