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Rickshaw driver gets fame worldwide after appearing in Khara Sach

The newly famed music sensation Muhammad Aslam got eye after famous anchorperson Mubasher Lucman, the host of program Khara Sach, invited him in his program on 15th April 2016. Few days ago, his video of the famous song “Yaad Piya ki aye” of Ustad Bare Ghulam Ali Khan went viral on the internet.

Muhammad Aslam has signed a contract with Entertainment World Production (EW) after being aired on TV in Pakistan’s top show Khara Sach, and it was a chance for him to represent him and perform worldwide. Entertainment World Production is production company of Mr. Rashid Khawja.

It was Mubasher Lucman who found this man, posted about him on the internet to find him. After watching the video, someone contacted Mubasher Lucman, and the anchor called the artist on his show.


EW will also pay Muhammad Aslam a monthly structured fee not deductible or refundable so that Aslam can only work to polish his musical skills and does not have to worry about his domestic pressures. Muhammad Aslam talking to Baaghi TV, on the occasion was in tears and said he is indebted to Lata Mangeshkar, who appreciated his work so much.

Daler Mehdi, the student of greatest ever ghazal singer Mehdi Hassan, was also a guest on the show and after listening to the heart-touching voice of Muhammad Aslam, he promised to give him an apartment in either Karachi or Lahore on coming to Eid. So that he can live there and record songs in nearby music studios.
It is now the choice of Muhammad Aslam to choose the place for his residence either it will be Lahore or Karachi. However, Daler Mehndi will buy the apartment for Muhammad Aslam.


He also added that he is highly thankful to Team Khara Sach that has taken care of his worldly needs.

Today, Muhammad Aslam will officially close down his auto rickshaw and start working on his music.
The most famous singer from Sub-continent and Living legend, Lata Mangeshkar also praised the voice of Muhammad Aslam. Lata said about him:

Namaskar. Abhi mujhe kisine ye video bheja. Ye koi rickshaw chalewala hai aise video ke saath likha hua tha. Sunke main hairan hogayi. Mehsoos hua ki Ishwar kahan kahan apna chamatkar dikhata hai. Aap bhi suniye, main dil se chahti hun ki ye kalakar rickshaw na chalaaye ,mike ke saamne khada ho.

(Translation: Hi! Somebody just sent me this video. It was captioned with the video that he is any auto-rickshaw driver. I am left surprised after listening him. I felt that miracles of God. You also listen! I want this artist not to run auto but should stand in front of mic.)

Before this Mehdi Hassan also received attention of everyone after comments of Lata Mangheskar, so let’s see how much affection Muhammad Aslam will get now after following the same step Lata comments about Mehdi Hassan was:

Mehndi Hassan sahab ke dil mai bhagwan bolta hai, He was blessed by God.

(Translation: God speaks in the heart of Mehdi Hassan. He was blessed by God.)

During program Daler Mehdi requested Muhammad Aslam to sing a song for him in Khara Sach and here is the look of his beautiful voice.


Mubasher Lucman of Khara Sach, along with him were the studio owners of a prominent recording company, met the singer today in Karachi. They have given the recording facilities for his first song to be recorded. Aslam will now select the first song that he wishes to sing and then, the EW Company, headed by Mr Rashid Khawaja, will produce and market the songs as well as he also was determined to promote it worldwide.

Entertainment World Production will give him a chance to perform in concerts, record his songs for movies, participation in programs and much more ways to show his talent everywhere.

Mr Rashid Khawaja CEO of EW Productions
Mr. Rashid Khawaja CEO of EW Productions

Talking to Baaghi TV, Mr. Rashid Khawaja CEO of Entertainment World Production expressed great pleasure that his company has been able to sign such an incredible talent that is praised by none other but the Great Lata Gee herself. According to Mr Khawaja, Muhammad Aslam is a tremendous talent that only needs proper showcasing and then, the world of music will be able to get truly benefited from this genius.