Retro-Bit launches Res plus control to let people play NES game on their TV

A new video game console will let people play classic NES games in high-definition, just the latest product to seize on the frenzy for retro gaming.

Titled the RES Plus, the red and black console is designed to run original NES cartridges in high definition, enabling players to experience their favourite 8-bit games “like never before.”

The system supports both AV and HDMI output and will play games designed for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 720p resolution.

“The RES Plus is the premium top loading console for all your favourite 8-bit games,” a press release said. “Accompanied with two classic pro controllers compatible with Retro-Bit and NES consoles for next level precision.”

Both of the Plus’s wired controllers run six feet in length. While that’s only slightly longer than the five-foot cord included with Nintendo’s SNES Classic Mini, it’s double that of the frustratingly-modest NES Classic. In addition to being compatible with Retro-Bit’s previous consoles, the classic pro controllers will also work with the original NES.

“With many of today’s consoles being compatible with HDMI televisions creating a high demand among the gaming community it was the next logical step for Reto-Bit to enhance their already impressive lineup of consoles,” said Ron Pang, vice president of marketing and sales at the company behind the new console.

Retro-Bit is a recognised manufacturer in the retro-gaming market, known for making gaming accessories and consoles designed for classic gaming. Its previous console – the Super Retro Trio – played cartridges for NES, SNES and SEGA GENESIS, and has been likened to a more affordable version of Hyperkin’s RetroN series, but without the HDMI output to buff up its visuals on HD televisions.

“The RES Plus is giving all the classics a big upgrade,” Pang said. “I believe fans are going to be amazed receiving a high quality gaming experience at a reasonable price of $39.99.”

Several manufacturers have recently looked to revamp classic products. Just last month, Nintendo released the SNES Classic Mini – a pint-sized revival of their popular 90’s console – to a storm of rapid purchases. Like their previous NES Classic Edition, the system quickly sold out, and has been out of stock in every major retailer since. In contrast, the RES Plus is currently taking pre-orders via Amazon.

Also announced last month was the Atari boxol, which will allegedly include a variety of classic Atari games, as well as “current content.”