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Respect of teachers in China, student punches his teacher

The teacher is an element and sign of respect in every country. The teacher is the reason nations becomes successful but in fastest growing nation China there is no respect for teachers.

A video showing a classroom fight between a group of students and their English teacher in a middle school, in China, has gone viral. The fight started after the teacher tried to forcibly collect a student’s exam paper at Fanji High School, in China’s Mengcheng county.

According to reports, the fight erupted when the unidentified teacher grabbed a student, who refused to hand in his exam paper, by the neck.

The video starts with a male teacher arguing with a student inside the classroom, both holding each other’s wrists.  The conversation turns ugly after the teenager possibly makes a nasty comment that prompts the teacher to grab him around the neck.

When the argument got out of hand, another student joins in, pushing the teacher away, before the two start attacking him as he cringes in fear in the corner. Soon, three more students join the fight and start punching and kicking the teacher.

The teacher fights back several times, but each time gets slapped in the face by the students. Zhang Mujiao, the principal of the school, has been suspended following the incident.

The local Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Education are investigating the case.