Residents of Sui Gas Society Protest Against Construction of School in the Area

Protests held against "unlawful construction"

Sui Gas Society is a well-known housing Society near Phase 5 DHA. The society has well established amenities and provides excellent services to its residents but what the society has recently initiated in its vicinity is not acceptable at all. The society has as recently as 2005 sold a 5 kanal and 15 Marla piece of land to a particular lady for only two and a half million rupees(2,500,000/-) for the purpose of a school.

First of all selling this kind of a commercial piece of land for such a small price is Ludacris. Commercial properties are always slightly more expensive than residential areas, because of the fact that commercial plots can then be used for whatever commercial purpose. However, giving permission to use a particular commercial area for a school is a whole different thing. If we look at the time frame, 2005, was a time when prices of properties in and around DHA were sky rocketing to levels unprecedented before. So, to imagine selling such a huge property for a meagre Rs2.5 million should bring some shame on the society.

Moreover, such a property was already worth more than at least Rs30 million at the time of its actual sale and if we look at it now, the price must be at least between RS80-100 Million(Rs 8-10 crore).

If any of our readers have ever visited Sui Gas Society (SGS), you would know that Sui Gas Society has only one gate to the society and that too through Phase 5 DHA. In fact, the particular approach used or given to SGS from Phase 5 is already very congested at school times and then adding another school in SGS will not only cause trouble for the residents of SGS but the residents of phase 4 & 5 who live in the vicinity. If such a school is built, then that would mean that adding at least another 800 cars on the streets of phase 4 and 5 as well as SGS, causing massive roadblocks and long queues of cars to pick and drop kids from school.

Furthermore, the reason for such a traffic mess is that the school which is already under construction is for nearly 5000 students and such a large number of students would require a large fleet of cars and buses to transport them to and from school and home. For the moment residents have gone to court to ask for help and to ask the court to make the SGS reconsider its endowers and immediately stop such construction work in the vicinity.