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Remembering the governor Sindh

Media outlets and people of ‘the Land of the Pure’ have been found criticizing the appointment of governor Sindh Justice (r) Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqui.

But, in fact, it appears they didn’t know what kind of person justice Saeed actually was.

Here, the BaaghiTV brings some facts for its readers what they didn’t know or they missed during the two months of his tenure as governor Sindh.

Before dying, you (Justice Saeed) served the people of Sindh in a meaningful way.

Your wife and your brother-in-laws were the ‘actual’ governors in your place and were paying duties in order to serve the people as much as they could.

You didn’t only keep taking drugs and administering drips but you also keep serving the poor masses of this land despite lying down in the bed throughout your days of governorship.

You also proved to be a bricks wall for the target killers in Karachi as you never exit the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and on the other hand, all the target killers were arrested outside of the governor house.

You were the only person on the face of earth who made history by turning a governor house building into an ICU.

Moreover, you were the only man on the globe who came from ICU and took oath.

Such kind of honors could lead you towards enrolling your name in Guinness Book of World Record, because if you remained (in any way) successful in exhausting everyone for the governor slot, I am sure, no one could stop you from recruiting your name in Guinness Book.

Most importantly, you were dissimilar and a history maker in a way that the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Nawaz Sharif wants to see you governor despite your death.

Oh! What-a man you really are…!

The responsible sources of the prime minster house believe that your permanent appointment as governor would strengthen the slogan of Asif Zardari ‘democracy is the best revenge’ as taking revenge from Sindhi people is the real democracy.

Meanwhile, your widow is appealing the government and giving logic that if a man could be appointed as governor by calling from ICU bed, why he didn’t has the right to rule the people from grave.

She also has suggested the prime minister of Pakistan that if someone creates a hurdle in the appointment, then 23rd amendment in the constitution of Pakistan could be brought.