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Remembering our teachers: It is world teachers’ day!

5th October marks the ‘World’s teachers day’ and is celebrated with enthusiasm all over the world. No matter how naughty a student is, he considers it an obligation to post a status or tweet thanking his teachers for all the efforts they’ve made to help him achieve his dreams.

Teaching is the only profession which ‘makes’ other professions. If a teacher wasn’t born, there would’ve been no chances for anyone to learn, grow and discover brand new things in life.

Let us thank a few teachers who’ve helped us in attaining an ideal life.


They’ve been there since the beginning. They’ve been the ones who’ve  lovingly helped us take our first step, say our first word and of course who’ve carved out our personality in the best way possible.


They act as our parents, no matter they’re elder siblings or the younger ones. They’re always offering advice, free of cost and warning us too of the circumstances of our non-seriousness (if we’re too playful) but yes we always tell them to mind their own business and act cool.

Children/ infants:

Little kids are the best teachers, do you know why? They’re the ones who tackle life in the best way possible. They appreciate the little moments of life and live them to the fullest. They laugh in the most carefree manner, teaching us to forget our sorrows and enjoy what we have. They teach adults so much with their innocence and purity that we’re forced to think why didn’t we think like this? Why have we been sulking all this time?


‘Time is the best healer’ and surely the best teacher too. With every passing second we learn something new, we discover others and dive deep into our souls. With every step we take, time makes us embrace a new experience, it makes us explore, it teaches us to live, to face, to fight, to grow and to accept our weaknesses and strengths.

School teachers:

‘Teachers are your second parents’. This is the famous/ emotional dialogue  that we hear repetitively by these species we call our school teachers. They truly act as our parents and develop our personality. They groom and build us. They’re the ones who give us knowledge, they educate us, train us and without their efforts we’re bound to fail each test that life throws at us. At times, we take our teachers fore-granted and their long lectures make us feel exhausted but their words echo in our minds at some stage of life. That is when we realize their importance and the great impact they created in our lives.

Okay, enough of the serious and boring teachers of life. Let us now discuss a few categories of teachers whom we meet in our college/ university life:

The Dehshatgard:

This teacher is like a don. He is strict and acts like a bomb. He might kill you if you breathe loudly and doesn’t tolerate any questions. If he calls day a night, you have got to agree with him without any ifs and buts. The entire class prays for his departure and taking his lectures is nothing less than mental torture.

The funny disco-deewana teacher:

He is a chill dude, who is carefree and yet full of knowledge. Everyone loves his classes because he teaches everything in the lightest and easiest way possible. He is loved by all.

The punctual one:

He comes on time, never leaves a single minute before the class ends is really strict about attendances and doesn’t allow anyone to enter the class at 8:01 if class starts at 8:00. He teaches well and is really dedicated to his job but his emphasis on punctuality is a bit torturous for students.

The one with memory loss:

This kind of teacher is a complete disaster. He teaches something in a class lecture and what appears in exam is totally opposite to what he had taught. In short, he teaches how to cook boiled rice but expects students to make biryani in exams.

The flirty tharki teacher:

This teacher has got nothing but his looks. He cracks dirty jokes and entertains everyone.

The lenient favourite teacher:

This teacher literally is the best. He has got skills and talent. He never creates pressure and yet finishes his syllabus on time. His words are inspiring and doesn’t make issues while accepting late assignments. He is the most understanding of all teachers and therefore, everyone keeps him in their good books.

And last but not the least….

Your FRIEND teacher who teaches you entire course book in FIFTEEN MINUTES before exam:

Yes, he is the real hero. He is someone who makes you understand things which you’ve neglected and dumped through out the year. He is your angel and he is your teacher with super powers.

So, yes let us take out a minute and thank Allah Almighty for blessing us with all teachers that have helped in the betterment of our lives. We are nothing without them.